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As we here at Orange Pediatric Care wait patiently for Spring and the end of snow in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Dr. Maria Bernardez would like to remind everyone to still dress for the variations in the weather. During the day here in New Windsor the warmer temps make you want to hope for Spring and get outdoors, play and even go without a coat. At night it still gets below freezing and in between day and night the temperature drops precipitously. These are the hours, the mornings and the evenings where you may get caught out without the proper attire. Please stay warm.
Another note: although the amount of various sickness seems to be slowing down and the general pediatric population seems to be having less issues than earlier this year, there are still a lot of illnesses going around. Parents, please remind your children to wash there hands and take other appropriate action to stay healthy.  If you have a sibling sick or not feeling well, please don't share eating utensils, or anything else which could transfer germs.
 Spring is also a time that ticks, especially deer ticks which can carry Lyme's disease start to become out. Although Dr. B recommends plenty of fresh air and exercise, she also wants you to be wary of deer ticks. There are some great non chemical bug repellents and homemade ones online.
The staff at Orange Pediatric Care and Dr. Bernardez wants all of their pediatric patients to be happy and healthy. From Cold Spring, Fishkill, Beacon, Glenham, and every other town on the Dutchess County side of the Hudson River to New Windsor, Newburgh, Cornwall, and all of the towns on the Orange County side we are your pediatrician! Some of our patients and  families come from as far off as Poughkeepsie, Wappingers, Highland, Highland Falls and all towns in between. (Hi, Lynn in Wallkill, we miss you! Hopefully you are enjoying your retirement and your grand kids! :-)

​Thank you!
<![CDATA[Jeanie & Gina]]>Thu, 01 Mar 2018 15:24:51 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/jeanie-gina   You may see a few new faces around Orange Pediatric Care over the next few months. In fact you may have already noticed.
Jeanie Chen is a Physicians assistant, (PA), student working with us for about 5 weeks doing her clinical hours which she needs  as part of her school requirements. Yes, she already has a lot of training but PA students spend a lot of time working hands on in many different offices through out their schooling before they graduate. 
   One of Dr. Bernardez's favorite things is to help teach and train new practitioners. She is working closely with Jeanie to help her advance her career. You will find Jeanie has a very confident and outgoing personality and your children will feel very comfortable with her as she has a wonderful bedside manner very similar to Dr. B. She not only is very personable and compassionate, Jeanie also shows a quality hands on knowledge. We are confident Jeanie will be an excellent PA!

  Gina is a RN working on renewing her RN license. She is used to work in an OR setting, (Operating Room). She is working a few days a week with our nursing staff, Bernadette and Angela in order to refresh her non-OR training. Gina will be with us for about a month. 

  Orange Pediatric Care welcomes both Jeanie and Gina and is proud to be able to train other practitioners in our ways and carry on our motto of, "Quality, Compassionate, Personalized care that you and your family will know and trust"!

  We hope our patients and families will welcome them as well. Dr. Bernardez will be working very closely with them, she will be over seeing everything they are doing and supervising all medical  diagnoses, decisions, , and treatment. 

On another note: I saw a very small tick on one of my dogs today, (Meatball), so please be aware that ticks are now out and it may be another bad year for ticks and Lymes disease. I re-posted an article on our Facebook page from the AAP site on what are good bug repellents for children. Please be careful this year and take proper precautions.
Thank you!

<![CDATA[Hard Winter for Health!]]>Thu, 15 Feb 2018 20:38:11 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/hard-winter-for-healthThis Winter has / is very hard on everyone's health! There is so much FLU going around ...and different strains too! There are also the typical Winter colds, RSV, Strep, and a host of other things.  Sometimes a patient may have just one, but often we are seeing children with more than one sickness.  I myself was sick earlier this Winter and it seemed to last a month! I know I had more than just one thing going on. All of this makes it very tough, especially for young kids and babies.

 We at Orange Pediatric Care love to see you, but we would rather see you when you are healthy!
Dr. Bernardez has been far busier than normal for this time of year and has extended hours on many days as she does not want to turn any sick patients away. We will see you if you call and let us know you are coming.

We would also like to wish all of our families a belated Happy Valentines Day! Orange Pediatric Care hopes everyone had a nice day and if you don't have a Valentines, that is OK, WE LOVE YOU! 
Please stay Healthy, Happy, and Loving!
​Thank you!
​ps. Think SPRING!

<![CDATA[Non-Guardian / Proxy Patient Visits]]>Tue, 30 Jan 2018 19:26:45 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/non-guardian-proxy-patient-visitsDr. Maria Bernardez and Orange Pediatric Care have an IMPORTANT REQUEST:

To everyone / anyone having a family member who is not the patients legal guardian or Parent:
Please make sure they have a note or you have a proxy form previously filled out, (you can also send us an email if it is a one time visit).
The note/email MUST have the specific persons NAME & RELATIONSHIP TO THE PATIENT, the DATE OF THE VISIT ALLOWED, and the LEVEL OF MEDICAL DECISION they are or are not allowed to make for that visit.

Please remind the person bringing the child that they need to have THEIR ID PRESENT for us to check. 
A note/email is only good for one time. If it is going to be a frequent event where the Guardian/parent is not going to be present at the office visit a notarized proxy form is required. the forms are available at our front desk.
Thank you!
<![CDATA[SNOW DAYS]]>Wed, 17 Jan 2018 17:51:35 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/snow-days
Winter, Winter 2018...Looks like we will get a bit of snow this year. 

On days where you wake up and the roads are not so good please call us first. Often we will alter our hours to keep everyone safe. We want our employees to be safe. We want our patients to be safe, and we try to open to see patients and families that can and need to make the trip.

 Often Dr. Bernardez will decide to open Orange Pediatric Care on a later schedule to give people time to dig out and for the roads to get a bit better. We will then operate the Pediatric practice like a clinic where it is first come / first serve and walk ins. We will also take phone calls and  get every one in but  at a more condensed time frame so our staff isn't waiting around for hours while the weather may be getting worse.

We make every effort to be here for our patients and families during bad weather and we balance that with their safety of being out on the snowy roads.

 So, please in the bad weather know that we will try to remain open but with shorter hours and if you need to come in we are here but ...Please Call first and let us know you are coming!

 Thank you!

<![CDATA[Happy New Years!!!]]>Fri, 29 Dec 2017 17:17:22 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/happy-new-years
This is Dr. Bernardez's dog Meatball.  He Loves the Cold and the Snow. He can go outside in the winter and just lie in a snow bank and watch the world go by for hours, as long as he has company. However he is built for the snow and me walking him is not! Meatball has a very nice soft thick natural coat that keeps him warm. I have to bundle up with my big coat, gloves, scarf, hat, etc. and still my exposed skin in this weather is bothered. Now, I don't really mind the cold but like most people I need to be prepared. Meatball is just naturally prepared.

 Dr. Bernardez and the staff at Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. wants to remind everyone to be prepared when they go out in the extreme cold. Young children especially babies should not have skin exposed for any extended length of time. Children also should not be out for too long especially when the temperature is dropping to the single digits and even below.

Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. would also like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, wonderful New Year! May everyone have a safe 2018. 
​Thank you!
<![CDATA[MERRY CHRISTMAS!]]>Thu, 21 Dec 2017 18:58:37 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/merry-christmasDr. Bernardez and the staff at Orange Pediatric Care would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!
   2017 has been a year of some changes for us. After 5 years we closed our Beacon office because it was becoming just too much to manage running back and forth between both locations and we found ourselves not being able to offer the amount of attention to our families as we would have liked. We did not want to become an impersonal office just always on the run. Dr. Bernardez truly believes in being able to spend time with her patients and to be able to offer enough appointment times to fit peoples busy schedules. In our main office in New Windsor we have been able to expand our hours and offer to late days.  The New Windsor office is actually very accessible to the Eastern side of the Hudson River. Beacon, Fishkill, Wappingers, Glenham, Cold Spring are all just a short hop across the Bridge. 

 Orange Pediatric Care thanks those who make the trip to see us as we value all of our pediatric patients and families.
  Another change is that we now own our New Windsor Pediatric office and hopefully in the coming year will be able to upgrade it and refurbish it somewhat to make it even more family and children friendly.  Our large parking lot offers easy access and our custom exam tables help make your child's visit to the doctors more of an adventure and fun then just worrying about "shots".

  In this ever changing world of health care we will continue to meet the challenges and offer the more personal medical experience that a small office can give. 
"Quality, Compassionate, Personalized care that you and your family will know and trust"

Thank you and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful Healthy New Year!
<![CDATA[FLUĀ  is SERIOUS!]]>Tue, 05 Dec 2017 17:12:00 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/flu-is-seriousDr. Bernardez and Orange Pediatric Care recommends that everyone should get the Flu shot, (except those who can not for medical reasons).
 The Flu season is starting late but it looks to be very serious this year.  Please think and remember those around you. Even if you are not worried, the young babies and the seniors you come in contact with are extremely susceptible to the seriousness of influenza.


The Flu can also be very serious even to those who are healthy. 


So, please take getting your Flu shot seriously 

Thank You!
<![CDATA[Stay Safe This Halloween!]]>Mon, 30 Oct 2017 15:05:21 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/stay-safe-this-halloween
Here are some tips from the CDC that Dr. Bernardez and Orange Pediatric Care would like to share. Please be careful everyday but especially Holidays and take these tips and other common sense measures to protect your children, your families, and yourself. You and your children are very important to us. Be healthy, be safe, and be happy!
Please look at the below link, (or copy and paste into your browser)  for the CDC tips.
Thank you!

<![CDATA[Useful Information / Web Sites]]>Thu, 05 Oct 2017 15:20:18 GMThttp://orangepediatriccare.com/blog/useful-information-web-sitesThere are a lot of very useful web pages out there with a lot of information. However as with anything, especially information you have to take a lot with a grain of salt and be able to distinguish if it applies to you, your family, your children.
Here, (in no particular order) are some links:






There are of course many others. Please suggest your favorites in the comment section. 
Dr. Bernardez and the staff at Orange Pediatric Care in New Windsor are dedicated to the health of your children. We are open 6 days a week and always available. May your family and your children be healthy, happy, and at peace.

"Quality, Compassionate, Personalized care that you and your family will know and Love"!

Thank you!